5 anorexia nervosa symptoms you should know

Anorexia nervosa is not the same as anorexia. Most people have anorexia just do not have interest to food, while the one has anorexia nervosa does not only have loss of appetite, but also with serious mental illness. Here are 5 anorexia nervosa symptoms you should know, by knowing this you can easily judge if one is suffering from anorexia nervosa at present.

Physical symptoms of anorexia nervosa are easy to detect. The patients are usually very thin and also usually with thin hair. Brittle nails and dry skin are also very common.

Patients usually have severe behavioral symptoms of anorexia nervosa. They do not want to eat any food even they are hungry. When they come to eat, usually they only eat some certain food with small quantity.

Anorexia signs and symptoms

Medical Symptoms of anorexia nervosa is as below. The patients may have low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and low blood counts. They usually suffer from extreme fatigue and fainting spells meanwhile. Besides, young female with anorexia may stop having a menstrual period sometimes.

Prolonged anorexia can lead to a host of severe complications, which include anemia and troubles with the heart, lungs and kidneys. These complications can have debilitating effects, and might even turn fatal.

Patients with anorexia nervosa usually are lack emotions. Or they may become defensive when confronted about their illness. In addition, they may be overly concerned about being fat.

Here are 5 anorexia nervosa symptoms you should know, if you want to have more information about this disease, this is a helpful book for you.

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