5 Anorexia Facts you should know

Anorexia is a type of eating disorder which is usually happened to young ladies and teens. The one who suffers from anorexia usually does not eat or just eat a little. It is not a very serious disease. In order to treat it correctly, you should know it well first. Here we share 5 Anorexia Facts you should know.


Anorexia is a kind of eating disorder which happens both to men and women and usually young ladies and teenage girls. These people with anorexia do not eat a lot, or do not eat at all as they consider themselves to be fat. Thus they will keep losing weight even they are slim enough.

Symptoms of Anorexia

The main symptoms of anorexia are that patient physically making themselves sick by eating and using extreme measures to lose weight. And they consider themselves to be fat even they are underweight.

Anorexia facts

Causes of Anorexia

The cause of Anorexia is complicated. It is widely accepted that depression and stress are the main causes. Other factors such as family abuse, sexual abuse and a family history of anorexia can also result in this.


The treatment of anorexia contains physically treatment and mentally treatment. Give patient vitamins and fluids first and also teach the patient to change their thinking patterns about their body.


If you find your family member or friend has anorexia symptoms. First you can ask them following questions to confirm.

  • Do you or your friend constantly feel fat no matter how much you weigh?
  • Is your actual weight in balance with your height?
  • Do you feel guilty after you eat?
  • Are you trying to hide your eating habits from other people?
  • Do you make food for other people, but avoid eating it for yourself?

If she is thin and considers herself to be fat, and do not willing to eat food. You can be sure that she have anorexia now. It is necessary to go to the hospital as soon as possible.