4 tips for foam roller workout

It is widely accepted that almost all can benefit from foam roller exercises a lot. Not matter you are injured patient who want to have therapy or athlete who want to improve your body condition, foam roller exercises are a great addition to you. Here we give 4 tips for foam roller workout for your reference.

foam roller workout

As we know, people usually use foam roller exercises to work their muscles in the legs or back as those are the two easiest muscle groups to work with a roller. When working on either part of the body, make sure you have sufficient room to move and that your roller is large enough for your body.

Here we also tell you how to do foam roller back workout? It is easy and just follow the below steps and you can do that easily.

  • Step 1: Lie on your right side on top of the foam roller. Put your right arm over your head and keep the roller under your arm pit.
  • Step 2: Put your left leg on your right leg and use your left arm and the floor to pull your body over the roller until it reaches the bottom of your ribs.
  • Step 3: Repeat on the other side.

How to do foam roller legs workout? Two of the biggest muscles in the legs are the hamstrings and the quadriceps, HERE we tell you how to work those muscles groups. For hamstrings, sit on the floor with the roller underneath your thigh, above your knee. With your hands behind you, walk your body forward until the roller reaches your buttocks.For the quads, you’ll want to lay on your stomach with the roller under your quad, below the hip joint. Using your arms, lift yourself up and work your body back and forth over the roller. Stop when the roller reaches just above the knee.

Usually, people do foam rolling exercises for back and legs, but other groups are possible as well.You can also do other foam roller exercises as you want. We suggest you to look at the muscle groups that are bothering you and look for ways to target them if you want to find a new exercise.

Here are 4 tips for foam roller workout, hope that can be helpful for you.