4 side effects of drinking aloe vera

It is well known that aloe vera have a lot of health benefits, however, if you do not use that correctly, there might be some side effects. Here we list them for your reference.

aloe vera side effects

Allergic Reaction is one common side effects of drink aloe vera. We suggest that people with allergies to garlic, onion, tulips or other plants in the lily family do not take aloe vera food . It might cause skin irritation, hives, cramping and diarrhea to these people. A simple patch test by applying some pure aloe vera behind the ear will help to determine if an allergy is present. Those allergic to aloe should read the labels of any products they use, since aloe vera is present in a large number of topical skin products, as well as natural and herbal food and medicinal products.

Blood Sugar Imbalances are another side effect of drinking aloe vera juice. It is reported that oral aloe vera has the ability to lower blood sugar. It should not be taken by these with diabetes or who’re on drugs or supplements for blood sugar unless beneath healthcare supervision. Contraindicated drugs incorporate hypoglycemics for example insulin, DiaBeta, glyburide, metformin and glipizide.

Colorectal Cancer is another potential risk of drinking aloe vera. It is reported that the use of oral aloe vera for a period of one year or more can increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Pseudomelanosis coli is a result of the long-term use of aloe vera, which is the culprit in causing colorectal cancer risk, according to the website Flora.

Diarrhea and Cramping are also risks of aloe vera products. Aloe vera might causes diarrhea and cramping and even lead to dangerous electrolyte imbalances.

Here are 4 side effects of drinking aloe vera for your reference. Be careful about these in order to avoid the potential risks.