4 health benefits of Balance Board

There are a lot of fitness equipment on the market, but none of them challenge your body like a balance board does. If you do balance board exercise frequently, it can improve balance, coordination and agility, and bring you a lot of health benefits. Here we introduce the main 4 health benefits of Balance Board.

Balance board benefits

  • First of all, balance board increase your balance ability. As we know, the balance board challenges your balance by constantly changing your center of gravity. By forcing you to frequently shift your balance, the body will have to adjust its center of balance and grow stronger in order to overcome the instability. So if you do balance board exercise regularly, your balance can be improved.
  • Secondly, balance board exercise help to increase your muscle and joint flexibility. Your ankles, knees, calves, quadriceps and hamstrings are actively working the entire time you are on the balance board. That is to say, your body is constantly being engaged while doing the balance board. So these part will become more flexible.
  • Additionally, balance board help you to cultivate proprioception and body awareness. This sense of awareness is known as proprioception and is very important in sensing the place of the body components in relation to one another and to your surroundings. The “body awareness” gained from the balance board happens as a result of the continual really need to coordinate multiple body parts so as to stabilize the body.
  • At last, balance board exercise increase your ability of coordination and agility. In order to keep you from falling off the board, your ankles, knees, calves, quadriceps and hamstrings must all work together. During that process, you body will soon learn to adjust to each unstable movement of the balance board in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Here are 4 main benefits of balance benefits, if you want to experience some of them, just read our balance board buying guide and buy one for your family.