4 easy steps to make your own homemade electrolyte drink

When one is sick or doing a lot of exercise, the body lose a lot of electrolyte such as sodium, calcium etc. In order to maintain a healthy disposition, stay hydrated and have enough ENERGY to continue with the day or to prolong our workout, it is necessary to replace what we lost. You can either buy electrolyte drinks on the market or make your own homemade electrolyte drink yourself.

Step 1: Add baking soda, salt and sugar substitute in a bottle.

Step 2: Pour a small amount of water into it and mix them vigorously until the ingredients are dissolved.

homemade electrolyte drink

Step 3: Add more water and as well as some juice based on your flavoring. Mix them and put it in a refrigerate.

Step 4: Take it out from fridge and drink when you need.

Electrolytes mainly have 3 effects to our body, controlling the osmosis of water between the compartments of our body, providing us with essential minerals, and maintaining the balance of acid that we require for normal cellular activity. If you need electrolyte drink but do not want to buy them on the market, just follow the 4 easy steps to make your own homemade electrolyte drink.