4 collagen and elastin rich foods

Over 90 percent of the dermis are made of elastin and collagen fibers. So if you want to have a natural, healthy look on skin. It is a good idea to take foods rich in collagen and elastin fibers.

collagen and elastin rich foods

    • Animal Bones is rich in collagen and elastin. Essentially the most notable of these kinds of foods are beef marrow and dishes like pig’s feet and fish heads. Marrow is up to 90 percent collagen.
    • Offal such as internal organs and nonmuscular tissue is also good choice. Many ethnic and traditional dishes use offal as the main component. You can take beef tendons, fish eyes and skin for example. You should cook for a very long time to break down the collagen to make it edible.
    • Other protein-rich foods are also good choice. You can take soy-based foods and most meats and also eggs, oily fish and cheese. Protein-rich foods are linked to lengthy life and tissue development in young people today. Nuts, seeds and legumes are higher protein and low fat, which is critical when contemplating foods to assistance healthful nourishment.
    • At last, we also suggest you to take vitamin C as it is the main chief promoter of lysine and proline that can convert to collagen in the human body. So take fruit and vegetable is also a good way.

Here are 4 collagen and elastin rich foods for your reference. Pick some them and start healthy way of life.