4 benefits of using menstrual cup

These days a lot of people choose a menstrual cup during the period as it is more easy to use. Say goodbye to tampons. Here we list the a 4 benefits of using menstrual cup for your reference.

benefits of using menstrual cup

  • Menstrual cup is a good way to save your money. One menstrual cup will last you for long time, so you do not spend money every month on tampons any more. One cup a year will cost you much less than a box of tampons or pads each month.
  • menstrual cup help you to save time. A normal tampon holds between six and nine grams of liquid. Menstrual cups hold almost five times that amount, capable of up to one ounce. This makes life a lot more easy for ladies with a heavier flow. Tampons offer just eight hours before TSS becomes a possibility. With menstrual cups, you can go up to 12 hours in between emptyings.
  • Menstrual cup is healthier without harmful chemicals. As we know, at present the cups are usually made of silicone, it contains no latex, BPA, dye or other creepy additives. So it is more safe.
  • Menstrual cup brings no leaks. When a tampon shifts or becomes saturated, leaks might happen.Your menstrual cup should form a suction with proper insertion .

Here we share the 4 main health benefits of menstrual cup for your reference. Hope the above information can be helpful for you.