10 Reasons Why Men Should Practice Yoga

Yoga has become one of those fitness disciplines that modern society associates which just women having a go at. If you see a yoga class at your local sports centre then you are likely to see mostly women there and if there are men within the class it will most likely be because his wife or partner has dragged him along.

This doesn’t make sense as when we look around us at the typical human body it is usually the men who should be doing yoga practice more as they are usually the less flexible of the sexes. In fact yoga in the past had been exclusively for men, so yoga becoming almost women only is only a modern custom.


In fact there are plenty of benefits that a man can gain from doing yoga and we’ve listed 10 amazing things that a man doing yoga will benefit from. Women will also benefit from these points too, so if you are a woman read on as these benefits apply to you too.

1. You’ll burn calories

Yoga will help you to lose weight as it burns off the calories, maybe not as much as if you did running for the same amount of time, but it beats sitting there watching TV. In fact you’ll probably be amazed at how much you sweat whilst getting into and out of those yoga moves and holding those positions.

2. Reduces build up of toxins within the muscles

Toxins build up in the muscles of people who have done exercises such as weightlifting or who haven’t been stretching too much. These toxins can be released out of the muscles and the body by the oxygenated blood which yoga can help to allow to enter the muscles.

3. Yoga can relax you from stresses of life

As yoga is about clearing the mind mentally, this can help to relax you from any worries you have. You’ll feel stress free during and after your yoga workouts and you will release any stress caused by working too hard in the other areas of your life.

4. You’ll be far more flexible and have increased balance

Men can benefit in numerous areas of their life from being more flexible. Increased flexibility will help with any other physical activities (including any in the bedroom). You’ll also gain increased balance capabilities too and that can only be a good thing, especially as we get older.

5. Improved posture from sitting too much

Not all of us have a great posture, we mainly get our bad posture from sitting wrong in the chairs at our desks. We sit for far too long too especially if you work in an office. Your posture will straighten significantly the more you do yoga if you suffer in this area.

6. It could help solve or lessen the pain of any back problems

Usually with any back problems, the doctor will send you to a physio. Many of the movements the physio will show will be similar to or can be achieved in yoga, they reach the same areas of the back anyway. So yoga might just be the thing missing to help solve any back problems, or avoid back pain as we get older.

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7. Make you feel better about yourself

As we show above yoga will improve you flexibility, balance, posture and release stress. This will all accumulate to making you feel better about yourself and improve the way you picture your own physique. If we feel better about ourselves our confidence sky rockets.

8. You’ll play better at other sports

If you enjoy a game of football, basketball or any other sport with the lads then you’ll excel due to your new improved flexible self. Yoga might just be the thing you’ve been looking for to take your sport playing to the next level as you’ll be able to move and keep your balance better when under pressure from the other team.

9. It can help you meet women

Yoga is mostly practiced by women, so if you go to yoga class there will be a high women to men ratio there. If you’re looking for relationships then surrounding yourself with women can only improve your chances. If you already have a partner, yoga could be something that you can both do to keep a closer relationship.

10. Yoga will increase your strength

It’s not all just twisting yourself into knots, sometimes you have to hold up your whole body weight with your arms and hold it there. This can drastically increase your strength in your arms and legs. Just give it a try you might be amazed at how much strength you have to use to hold your body up in some of the stances.

So if you’ve just read all that and you’ve seen some of the benefits that can come with doing yoga, then why not get started and go to a class or get a video. I’m pretty sure that if you try it you’ll see the benefits within the first few goes and never look back.